They say they exist. Are magical.

Dream with the color of their faces,

contoured bodies wrapped in sheets,

among by flowers and animals in disguise.

They say that nobody sees them. But everyone wants them.

Meeting them in the purity of a child.

In the image of a drawing.

On the bright glint between the sheets in the evening twilight.

in a stain forest, disguised as a refuge city.

They say they are happy.

I decide to risk a request, in the fragile air transmitted:

– Teach me to be human godmother fairy.

Give me the magic of your powder. I know it works miracles.

To improve the world and in joy walking.

At that time, like a veil falling on the earth,

you will leave to be transparent in the expanded world

in the discovery of all the fairies.

I believe … It is another my request.

A poetry written by Cristina Maya Caetano

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