Heavy Heart

Part 19 of the series “Letters from the heart”.

My heavy heart, is too much for you..

I just keep repeating my vows, in case you haven’t heard it the first time 3 years ago. When I first opened my eyes to see the reflection of your soul in my mirror, when did this love start, when it did happen I wonder.. did I see it coming or did you see it coming, we were young and we wanted to capture the essence of the moment.

In the morning you greet me like how the sun greets the world, your love feels like a warm sunlight that I feel when basking in the sun for long, we are making memories with our feelings in that summer day.

I don’t know where my spirit would have wondered, if I haven’t talked to you that day. Would I have been the same after our conversation that summer afternoon? I often wonder how would my life would look like without you in my thoughts. I often wonder if you would come knocking on my door someday.

Your love is like basking in the warmth of the sun, it gives me the pleasure and enjoyment I seek in real world. I feel too much for alot of people around me, I always get that puzzling look and that awkward sensations when I’m expressing myself to the people around me, would that ever happens with you. I wonder..

Translating my heart has been the journey of my life, but with you.. I don’t need to translate my soul, I feel understood and seen as bright as the Night star in the sky. The guiding compass for the lost souls.

You know how to tear my attention from my surroundings, my overthinking thoughts and from this world, to another world called paradise, when you are listening, you are kind and attentive. when I’m listening I create poems for you.

”Without even knowing
You came into my heart
I think of you at night
I wait for you when morning comes”

Fall in love by Jukjae.

”My paper heart
Crumbles down
In your dark eyes
I’m often not there
So I get greedy

I can do nothing else but lean on your shadow
I see us in my empty glass
When the dawn shines on you, I’ll find my love
But I’m the only one curious about your dream
My heavy heart is
Too much for you”

Heavy Heart by RIO.

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