We look for love in whimsical places

Part Ten of the series “Letters from the heart”.

To capture these fading memories between us..

To capture these words in such tenderness, dedicated to you:

I can do nothing else but lean on your shadow

I see us in my empty glass

When the dawn shines on you, I’ll find my love

But I’m the only one curious about your dream

My heavy heart is

Too much for you

Heavy heart by RIO

Everything in our collection seemed to fade away with time, I am trying to collect these souvenirs in our attic close to home, the dust and the change of seasons are so apparent on my envelopes. The tea slipped on the letters, and I’m trying to read them all over again with attentiveness, trying to remember the accurate dates of the post delivery on the mail stamp, why can’t I remember? I thought it will be carved in my memories, written in my future memoirs.

A poem written for you

Wild Sea

When I see you, I see dreams unraveled

When I dream of you, I dream of the wild sea

Rain pouring on me and you

Thoughts clouding our minds

With sentimental hearts.

Amira Hassan

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