The challenge of living in the now

Do you know that moment when you are feeling absolutely infinite? Not thinking about what happened yesterday and not worrying about what the future might bring, but just being in the now, just living in that moment, just being. Just enjoying what is.

Sometimes when I had those moments I only realised afterward how truly precious they really are. I then wished I could catch them into a glass jar to always have them when I needed them. But that’s not how life works. Being stuck in the past will only keep you from actually living. Same with being sucked into the whirlwind of worrying about what is going to happen. It is not easy but we have to at least try.

Because as Emily Dickinson once said; ‘Forever is composed of nows’ , and now is everything we will ever have.

And the shadows

were falling low

on the ground

after the night

when the sun

wakes up again

we are already


Or are we still ?

Tipping our toes

in the first

rays of light

and breathe

with the earth

waking up




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