I gain my memories in your eyes

Part Fourteen of the series “Letters from the heart”.

Self portrait, Johann Zoffany, 1761 (detail)

Cigarettes smoke from your breathe, That kiss tasted like ashes flavored our memories in 2009, while your cheeks had rosy flush on them from the cold of winter, that innocence on your eyes, darkest like night were your hair with your pursing gaze. Can I have those winter days back, when we were young and full of hope in life. Those days of glory, capture in acid film camera, held close to my heart.

Salt air*
And the rust on your door
I never needed anything more
Of “Are you sure?”
“Never have I ever before”

But I can see us lost in the memory
August slipped away into a moment in time

August by Taylor Swift

*Salt air implies a location near a coast. Salty air in beach towns is notorious for causing metal to rust rapidly, further evidencing that this song is set in a town near the beach. source (https://genius.com/Taylor-swift-august-lyrics)

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