Powerful Right Ways To Teach Your Daughter Without Falling In The Society’s Norms.

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Teach your daughters to be the strongest version of themselves.

Teach them to be badass.

When in adversity, teach them to face it with a solid heart.

And when in pain, teach them to accept it.

When in love, teach them to cherish it.

Teach her that no one has the right to treat her badly.

Teach her to be so independent that she relies on no one.

Besides, teach her to love, support and, cherish others as much as she cherishes herself.

Teach her to become who she is.

Teach her to have her own identity.

Teach her to chase her dreams.

Teach her to work hard.

Teach her to keep her finances in check.

But also teach her to take a break.

Teach her to travel the world.

Teach her to meet new people and learn about new cultures.

Teach her to pamper herself.

Teach her to go for a spa day.

And teach her to slather herself with a moisturizer that smells too good to be true.

As simple as that, teach her to fly.

Teach her not to settle on what the world throws at her.

My heart cries every time a girl is, treated less for her own safety. It pains when her voice is silenced to respect the male counterparts. And when she should sit proper, because that’s how girls are supposed to sit. How we are taught, that it’s us and our clothing choices which invite the inevitable. These mannerisms and so-called morals that are thrown upon us are sadly the reality of the world we live in. Also, it is sadder when it comes from our parents. When the ones that were supposed to let us loose: traps us instead. It is not just someone’s story: but of every other woman I have met. In one form or the other, there have been instances.

 For someone, it’s extreme: and, for someone, it’s just fine and a form of care. And they cross the line when they finally say teach your daughter right.

So this is to all my fellow sisters out there living their life freely. As we break the barrier that society throws at us, we see the true change. We witness the world with more clarity and less filter. Let us use this to empower our kind. Let us empower the strong heart on the other side of the barrier, as we know what exactly teaching our daughter right is.


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