The Numbness of Humanity

How humanity has changed drastically due to its numbness.

“We are all numb.” This is a statement that I first heard from the great author, Elif Shafak. An author that had not just changed the way I looked at humanity but also how millions of her readers feel. There is coldness in this statement that brings a cold metallic taste to my mouth every time I say it. The phrase reminds of the undesirability of the human race. It brings back the horrid memories of the past and the fearful ones that will be seen in the future. This future that I speak of now seems so distant. So unveiled and useless that to bring hope, one must suffer to not see this undesirability. Well, too come back to the phrase. It is odd that she said it. How she dared to put aside all of the present human emotions and omit these just to say that we are all numb. But there is something about this daring act that makes me unstable. It somehow tells me how even after all we do we are still going to be numb. Because maybe we have not done much. We have not done anything to be true, we have just lived and those with power have exploited what is left of us. This term power is so pessimistic and maybe in the past years it has been made so and means so to millions of people. It resembles so much but has no emotion, it has no love and it does not care for anything. It is selfish, it is rude, and it takes the last that is reminded of humanity. And in the entirety of all of this, I feel safe to say that power is numbness. But as i say this it is not only the populists that have gone numb but also us because we too hold power. We to hold the responsibility that comes with power. Yes, I agree that the degree with which we are given power is obviously less but either way, it is power. It won’t matter how much and for how long we promote liberty, unless and until the numbness of our power is cured.

Liberty is not a cure for this numbness, rather it is the quite opposite. We cannot understand liberty until we understand the people. We have not yet understood people and the reason for this lack of knowledge is numbness. We have not loved, we have not cared enough, and we definitely have not been sensitive enough towards people . We are all human and somehow still after all of this we have hope. Hope is not religion nor is it Joe Biden but hope is a possibility when we become less numb. We need to care more, we need to break our boundaries of love, we need to showcase the multitudes that lie inside of us. It doesn’t matter where you pray or how you dress because the one thread that ties all of humanity together is love and kindness. It is only when we become less numb that we understand the true meaning of freedom. We all crave for freedom but in truth have no idea what it stands for. It does not stand for genocides, it does not stand for war, it does not live upon politicians but freedom is an expression but it is of no use when we have no love to express. We are too safe in our tribes and religions, but remember whatever fruit you eat, it is only the essence that leaves a mark on your tongue. Do not run behind the fruit but the essence of it. And until then I along with millions will keep on saying; we are numb. This article is a plea to people to care, not just for your countrymen but for the entire world population.

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