How to Transform Everything – Cut The Bad Hair Day!

I am going to tell you a little secret right away and you don’t even have to read all the way to the end of the article to receive it. If you want to transform something in your life very quickly book yourself an appointment with your hairdresser and cut the bad hair day away! A good haircut could be the quickest way to kick start change and transformation in your life if you are feeling stuck, apathetic, bored, worn-out or lost. Even something as simple as washing your hair can be an instant pick me up! Washing one’s hair actually ‘washes’ one’s mind.

Now I know this all seems so simple. Most spend years attending workshops, seminars, and a ton of time and money hoping to walk out transformed into the beautiful butterfly of bliss, only to realise that it takes consistent effort, time and commitment. To be clear – the work of inner transformation takes time, but we don’t have to wait for time to continue initiating and assisting the process.

Hair is not just part of our appearance; it is part of our personality. We ALL know what a bad hair day feels like – not only does it affect our image, but our mood too! Something just feels off and you probably notice that more than a few things just don’t seem to go your way that day. It’s also probably the day you will bump into every ex you don’t want to see. By transforming an integral part of our physical body, we can initiate a transformation of our emotions and energy system too.

We just have to look at the weight loss industry as testimony to this – being able to see a physical transformation sparks something in our psyches that allows our whole being to transform. It must be said that without the inner work, the transformation does not always remain permanent.

Do we realise that we literally carry live receptors with us all day long! Our hair follicles have sensory nerve fibres at their base enabling stimuli to travel backwards and forwards carrying information. Our chakra system is intertwined with our hair system too. Our crown and third eye chakras in particular, if they are blocked, we will struggle to connect to the Divine wisdom of the Universe. By keeping our hair clean and in good condition we can help keep these channels open and healthy.  

As women, and men with locks, we know there is a difference when we wear braids, knots and ponytails or when we just leave our hair flowing down without adornments and accessories. Most see hair as only a fashion accessory linked with our self-image. From the moment we walk into the salon, to the moment we walk out, we immediately notice that the outer physical expression affects a very tangible inner shift in attitude too.  Now there are exceptions – I have had some crash and burn moments with hair experiments over the years. On reflection even these held lessons in impermanence, acceptance and lightening up a little!

If our minds and brains are absorbing information all day long, wouldn’t it make sense that our energy fields in this area would also be picking up signals 24/7, even when we are asleep. Why have we neglected this aspect of our physical body when discussing our spiritual lives? Though different cultures and traditions have different symbolism around hair and even having no hair, they all agree – hair holds significance and power.

Other significant qualities of our locks are beauty, virility, heightened intuition and spiritual strength. We need only remember the very famous story of Samson and Delilah – where Delilah cuts Samsons hair and as a result he loses his superhuman strength – to see that these beliefs have influenced us to this day.

Here are some interesting beliefs surrounding hair, there are endless examples across cultures and traditions, please go deeper should you want to discover more.

In Native America the tribes would literally scalp their enemies to strip them of their connection to the Divine, leaving their tormented souls to wander the battlefields forever. They believe that hair aids as a connection to Spirit and even when cutting their hair, it is usually kept to be used in ceremony or burned and returned to nature.

The Rastafarians grow their hair long to mirror their leader – the lion – as a long mane shows faith and devotion in their beliefs.

On the other side of the spectrum devout Hindus and Buddhists would shave their locks off to signify cutting away the attachment to worldly concerns.

In Chinese culture there is the belief that getting your hair cut at certain times of the year will bring good luck. Interestingly an early Chinese belief that hair was inherited as a gift from one’s parents and cutting it would mean cutting the ties to one’s family, also demonstrates the intricate belief systems we are born into.

In African cultures the connection between hair and identity is a complex and often signifies standing, rank and status in different tribes.

As we can see for some cultures cutting hair brings benevolent benefits, to others baldness shows enslavement and weakness. Whatever your hairstyle at the moment, can you take a conscious moment to ask yourself how you feel when you wear your hair a certain way? Do you remember when you were a child and your mother would brush your hair out, or did you fuss and fight when a comb came near you? Do you remember a time when you changed your hair colour to be different, to rebel or wanted to look like someone else?

All of these simple phases in our life hold keys and clues to the inner world of our psyches if we look closely enough. Our hair is a great indicator of our overall health. Will it be the cause of your next headache or headrush as you start the process of wanting to manifest big changes in your life or just get the energy moving and flowing again. Book that appointment today!

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