STARMAN – It’s Your Time to Come Out Now

This poem is inspired by the song “Starman” by David Bowie.

The time we are facing now holds a lot of challenges, for every one of us. But through all the hardships it also holds a lot of opportunities. To rethink, ‘How do we want our world to look like ?’, ‘What should our interactions with others be like ?’, ‘What do we really want from life ?’, ‘How do we want our lives to be?’, ‘What is really important for us?’, ‘What do we really want?’.

We now have the chance to change life into one which we truly want and our world into one in which we are truly happy to live in.
And if we all work together we can achieve that, I’m sure of that.

Hey Mr. Starman

Wanna come down now ?

I know you told us

not to blow it,

but oh god we did.

Look at all these years

and now everything

is shattered,

in pieces,

on the ground.

So let this be our chance,

this enormous opportunity we have

to rebuild everything new

to rethink,


love again,

to recollect

what’s really important

for ourselves

and for us all

as a collective,

for our world.

Maybe it’s time

for all the children

of this earth

to dance again


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