The Connection: Making Our Soil The Soul.

The Connection: Making Our Soil The Soul.

Taking care of the Earth is care for Ourselves!

We are all connected. Always. Connected with other people, animals, and also with our earth. We are an embodiment of life and so is our earth. We can not live without her, even if some people may think that we do.
So taking care of our earth is taking care of ourselves.

She is a wild child.
She walks by
with flowers in her hair,
a crown of roses,
a sunflower soul,
with a beaming sun smile
and an ocean crushing heart.
she often walks barefoot
to let the grass touch her feet
and her hair often open
to let the wind play a melody
with some harp-like strings
the sun making her skin
look like bronze soil
and the moon
being her companion
and oldest friend
She is friends
with all creatures of nature
blooming with the flowers
dancing with the fairies
roaring with the ocean
breathing with the stars
playing with the animals
and dreaming
with the clouds passing by,
on a clear sky
drawing with the soil
and singing with the birds
and also, often, when it’s time
listening to the old trees stories,
laughing with the new
and having
the most beautiful
poetry sessions
She will always be
a child of the earth,
daughter of the sun,
and sister of the moon
As much as you
can be one too

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