Our Dreams Still Cry: The Misogyny Still Exists.

Our Dreams Still Cry: The Misogyny Still Exists.

The poem depicts the sad reality of gender stereotypes and the shackles that women have to break in order to realize their dreams. This is about the women who dare to speak up, who break the stereotypes and require no society’s approval to chase their goals; the women who never give up in pursuing their dreams despite the consequences.

It also implies how women live in constant fear of being sexually harassed, how the higher authorities fail to provide protection to young girls and women, and how they have to risk their safety every time they step out. Access to safe public places is a privilege that not many are aware of.

In the drizzles and the mud,
She tied her laces and stood.
The goal post was cold,
Why did it rain that day, Lord?
Blurred vision, a puddled ground
From far away she heard their sound
Do I run away? Do I score this one?
The thoughts had her mind shun
Blood streaming down, hands tied
Less she knew society had lied
“Football is for men! Football is for men!”
Loving the same game, was that her sin?
Told you not to go at night,
her mom had cried
Is it misogyny or Is it me being out?
Is seven past nine too late, she shouts
Is that how men will molest and stare,
Only to play my favorite game, If I dare
Society laughed, her tears streamed
I’m not guilty, she screamed
Every now and then, her voice muffled when
“Football is,” they yelled, “Only for men!”


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