a ghosts reckoning

a ghosts reckoning
By: Rami Naamna

so i view the world ,

as a ghost made recent, body hidden in rubble and sunken in blood
still i identify as no more than a number

my positionality claims my social identity is reflective of concepts such as race , class & location

yet i lack such in death ,

my corpse is passed on , no more than a death in eurocentric media , claiming that my life was in the past

unaware that a soul is present in all time

they do not know that i am still here

to watch the success of my people & the reckoning of society I ask for

my trauma can only be relieved when my judgment of this world has passed on

even in death my souls weighs heavy , a neutron star in density

my vision of this world , reflected as my corpse is a product of my circumstances

and so my hollowness is reflective of societies lack of morality .

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