Your Perfume

Part seven of the series “Letters from the heart”. 

One day, we will breathe the same air, and walk in the same city.

Whenever I dream about you, I am always thinking of the best of you. It’s feels like an old recorder player, reminding me of a beautiful song by Lana del Rey, that aura of nostalgia, that aesthetic mood surrounding us, that haze of perfume floating between us, that moment I consider forever mine.

Reading you those beautiful lines of poetry for you..

I know that your heart is holding on to the time we were together, that time that felt like drinking fresh lemon juice in the Mediterranean. the world was ours to explore, the sunrise was our ultimate destination. Me and you, conversing about European culture in the Eurail. I know that you are yearning to meet me again, I assure you that the pain will go away, the pain of the past that you keep remembering forever more, I can still sense it when I touch you, I feel the pain and I can heal it, just let me near your heart. You know I won’t departure alone to the sunset without holding your hand with me.

I would dedicate those words to you..

And I’ve been dreaming of it all, silent dream

with black roses, falling

through the floor.

Silent dream by Greg Gonzalez

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