Look in the mirror and bloom

Dealing with hurt from when we were kids is not easy, it may be one of the hardest things to do since so much of it sits so very deep. I myself have been dealing with some of that lately and to be honest it wrecked me, in many ways. The thing is though, as much as it hurts and as much as it can break us down, it in a way is necessary to work through it, as a way for us to grow. As a way for us to heal. As a way for us to make peace with our past and with the people in it. As a way to pave a new way, to create a new future for us and the people who come after us.

Give me your hand

I know you are

hurting too

deep down

you are also

a child

which was hurt

a long time ago

I am too

I was hurt too

as a child

as so many others

so give me one hand

and the other

give the child

you once were

reach out to them

and pull them out

of there

And into your arms

Let us heal together

For we are all children

who were hurt

one day

by people

who were hurt too

Let us be the ones

who release our pain

and heal the scars

so that our children

are not hurt

by broken people too

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