Why Change Is Hard And Indespensible.

Change. A big topic, especially in times like these. A lot of people struggle with change since as people we take comfort and security in things staying the same. The truth is that everything always changes. Nothing ever stays the same, even if it may seem like it is and as much as we may wish for it. Even we change. Our bodies revolve completely every 7 years as we grow. Change is nothing bad. Yes, it can be hard or difficult, but it often is necessary. It helps us grow, evolve and learn. Embrace the unknown a bit more and be open to what is coming our way. There are a lot of blessings to discover.

Change is never easy.
It truly damn hurts.
It will break you,
tear you down,
shatter you,
turn your inside out.

But it is necessary.
It’s inevitable.
We need it
in order to grow.

From the caterpillar
to the butterfly
and finally fly.

For everything
is impermanent
but change
which is
the only permanent thing
in this world.

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