When You Hit Rock Bottom – A Poem

The hopeless feeling and the heavy heart 
The sleepless nights and the teary eyes 
The continuously falling self-esteem and the anxiousness 
The loneliness and the fake smile 

I remember them
I remember them all 
I remember being in pain 
I remember denying them 

And I remember getting no help 
I was naive 
I didn’t know how the world worked 
So I blamed on myself 

I blamed my parents 
And I blamed the society 
What was I supposed to do? 

What was a girl living miles away from her home supposed to do? 
When you hit rock bottom, it does not makes sense
When you hit rock bottom, you question yourself

Hitting rock bottom in my life only made me stronger. It made me challenge the same thing that once broke me. This message is to everyone who is thriving, hustling, and living each day at a time: that you will make it. That you will make yourself proud!!

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