Getting Rid the Stigma of Depression In Society

Many people that have faced depression have been blamed for having that mental condition. They have been stigmatized, given weird names in school, and the list goes on and on. The symptoms have been called “phases” or “they can control it if they want”. They face discrimination as well. It is a horrible stigma for those with mental health issues.

The stigma lets people feel somewhat ashamed for things that are not within their control. Worst of all, the stigma also prevents people from getting the help that they need. For a large group of people that already face this burden, the whole stigma is another addition to their pain. The stigma also cut down these past years, but it is still not fast enough.

Many people in the mental health community need to voice the stigma. Each day, in every manner, we have to stand up towards the stigma; if we do not know how we have different ways to respond to how to fight the stigma.

Talk Openly About The Mental Health Condition

The stigma is fought about to fight the mental health issue, like PTSD and anxiety disorders, like on social media. If it helps another person, then it is worth it.

Properly Educate Yourself and Other People Around You

Take every chance to properly educate people to share each personal story and struggle with a mental disorder. It does not matter where you are. If you hear someone saying a rude remark about mental health, use it as a learning opportunity and intervene to see how it will make you feel and how you have to do your part to end the stigma.

Become Conscious of The Language

Fighting stigma will become your job, and the language will matter. It is easy to not use different mental health conditions as different adjectives. Based on feedback from others in the mental health community, many people will have to replace their language if they state that the language is problematic.

Equality Has To Be Encouraged Between Physical and Mental Illness

People say cancer is a physical illness. Mental illness does not differ from another type of physical illness – it is still a type of illness. People don’t make fun of diabetes, so I don’t see why they should disregard PTSD.

Give Others With Mental Illness Compassion

Talk to others that are facing mental illness. Give them compassion and let them know that it is okay, and a lot of homeless people have a mental illness. Give them food or a warm hug to know how they are cared for. Everyone suffers, but we should acknowledge it together, no matter how we are suffering.

Last, we have to practice not stigmatizing people with a mental disorder. We know that they are suffering differently, so we must not label them as useless – depression is just another type of illness.

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