The Power of the Plunge – How to Follow The Calling.

Can you feel the calling of your soul under all the layers of pretty garments and clever words?

Where do you live?  I don’t mean Ohio, New Zealand, or the Amazon. I don’t mean in slick suburbia or a shack behind the garbage dumps?

I mean do you live in the caverns of your mind? The labyrinth of your heart or inside the particles of the stars?

What is on your resume? I don’t mean credentials, achievements and assets. I mean is there a category for kindness, for love, for wisdom.

Do you spend your days trying to fly beyond the clouds or seeing the flame in the ocean’s waves?

Do you walk past the bee but greet the beekeeper?

Are you holding your breath waiting for enlightenment to knock at your door?

What is this substance we are all made of that keeps flesh and blood and bones together?

Where is this place my whole being is yearning to return to?

Why do I feel this unbearable ache that nothing can quench?

Is it to be found in the depths of my psyche or the heights of my soul? 

Enough now. Enough playing with the crickets and toys of this life.

Leap, search, seek, long, crave and desire nothing but the truth of your soul, of life, of the Divine.

This is the plunge , ALL of it in its messy, muddy mad longings and confusions, aches and sorrows and ecstasies.

Submerge yourself in the love-soaked cloth of the seeker.

Follow the plunge. The Divine is waiting to welcome you home.

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