Art or The Artist: Who Do You Look At?

There is a lot of stigma, cliches, and prejudices surrounding artists. They are often seen as not having “a real job”, not “really working” and the picture of the starving artist is still anchored deeply in a lot of peoples brains when they think about artists. But just because you mostly only see the finished product that doesn’t mean that there was not a lot of work put in to get to that point. To get the finished work we go through hours of (hard) work, errors, trials, sweat, and also occasionally tears. Just like EVERYONE else who works. And yes, if we love what we do it is still “real” work.
Also if buy something from an artist, see their artwork, read it, listen to it,… you are not only consuming and experiencing a “product” but also, and more importantly, you are seeing a part of their soul, a part of their life, a snippet of their mind, what they believe in and what message they want to make visible. They lay their soul bare for a moment and form a connection.

Do you know how it feels
to be loved by an artist?
They will bleed for you,
colours and petals of roses.
Their imagination is endless,
and you will find yourself
in an even greater world
then what you signed up for.
They will pour their heart
out to you,
’cause they love you
so deeply and uniquely.
Everything they do for you,
what they make for you,
is just so genuine,
that it hurts.
They will stand up for you
because they know
how it is
to be doubted by society.
You also
will never be forgotten,
because their love
flows through everything
they create.
They truly love you,
with their whole colourful being,
but sadly a lot of people
are too colourblind
to see.

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