Thank you to everyone who has made this fundraiser a reality. We couldn’t be more honored and grateful to our community fr standing by us and helping us raise money for where it’s needed.

Here’s how everything works.

Donate Art.

If you’re an artist and would like to donate art, here’s how we can work together.

  • To get in touch with us, either DM or email us at
  • Write to us about what you would like to put up for donation, the price of the artwork, the type of material (print, painting, etc), and anything else you’d like us to know.
  • Once the price of shipping is known, it will be added to the final price along with the art.

Buy Our Magazine.

Our magazine is a way in which we as The Uncoiled would like to raise funds, every cent from our magazine revenue for the next month goes towards the fundraiser.

Connect with us by emailing us at