The Uncoiled is eternally grateful and thankful for its authors who put out content that helps inspire, motivate, entertain, educate and create a limitless world. With that being said, we bring to you our list of authors who have contributed to this movement.

The Uncoiled Writers.

Anushka Badgujar

Anushka is a writer, poet, and founder of The Uncoiled. She is a young and aspiring individual from Mumbai India who believes in the unity that stands between all global citizens. She has written riveting essays, short stories, and poems that help recognize her as a global figure. Her goal has always been to provide writers from all backgrounds and countries a place to share their stories and be heard.

Nadine Rosin.

Nadine Rosin is a down-to-earth writer, speaker, spiritual mentor, and advisor & entrepreneur. She has a degree in Psychology, has run her own business for 2 decades and worked with iconic international companies such as Disney, toured with Deepak Chopra in SA,  and is passionate about sacred site traveling and ice cream. Part of her purpose is to shift patterns and awaken consciousness by fusing a diverse range of ancient wisdom teachings from across the globe. Nadine believes that just like the seasons we are not static creatures and the very nature of our being is to continue evolving.

Althea Storm.

Althea Storm is a literary and crime fiction writer and poet born and raised in the heart of Lagos City, Nigeria. She aims to tackle gender and identity issues and dismantle patriarchal ideologies in society with her literary stories and poems. She also aims to entertain a large audience with her crime fiction stories. She has written articles for the Know to Win blog and her poems have been published in Sylvia Magazine. If she isn’t spending time with her friends and family, you can almost always find her with a James Patterson thriller in hand.

Luna Maluna Gri.

 Luna Maluna Gri is an artist and poet, living and working in Vienna. Through her artwork, She expresses herself and her emotions. Luna’s goal is to make people feel, make them think, and scrutinize the believes they were taught. To broaden their minds and stretch their way of thinking. 2019 her poem “Wir” was published in the Anthology “Ausgewählte Werke XXII” by the Library of German Poetry (out of several other publications). Several poetry performances (among others VorstellBar – Burgtheater Vienna, Global Earth Strike in September 2019, Women’s Art Festival, Kunstkomplott Art Festival) and exhibitions ( “Athens Open Art, Art Number 23 in Athens/ Greece, “Hope” virtual at Art Share L.A., “Nobody is an island” University for Applied Arts Vienna, “Luna Maluna Gri”, MARK Salzburg).

Koffi Akpavi.

My name is Koffi Akpavi from Ghana. I am a very enthusiastic teacher, writer, and Copywriter. Graduated from the University of Benin in 1999. I am very passionate about digital business especially sharing valuable productivity tips and tricks to strategically position yourself, your business, and your brand to opportunities on the digital market. I love writing to impact, edify, inspire, motivate and trigger a change in people’s lives in Africa and the world as a whole. My mission is to give resourceful value, and the rarest knowledge and facts to my friends, families, and partners in the next five years and help around 5000 people to take their life from a lower level to a higher pedestal.

Zainab Sharif.

A bibliophile, versatile writer and women empowerment champion from Pakistan who loves to translate thoughts and ideas into words. Passionate about connecting with people all over the world through diverse experiences to be together under one umbrella of humanhood. I consider soccer and scribbling my essential constituents.

Amna Rana.

A professional content writer and nature loving poet who believes that we are all connected at some junction of our lives in terms of our universal emotions of which nature is a true reflection. I depict this fact through my writings by metaphorically uncoiling the mysteries of nature, philosophy and human emotions that connect us on a single platform of humanity irrespective of any sort of discrimination.

Anjila Shrestha

A medical student and a content writer from Nepal who rediscovered herself through her writings. Healed by nature and grown by experience: I share the world my travel adventure.


A freelance content writer from India who believes that sharing knowledge through writing has the potential to change the world into a better place. Always loves to learn new things and to share my ideas and wisdom with the entire world. Accepting mistakes to learn from it and taking responsibility is one of my strengths and I encourage you too to do the same.

Michelle Yau
Anna Marie
Rami Narman