What’s it like to be A Lover?

Part one of the series “Letters from the heart”

“This new series will explore the aspects of a vulnerability that the human beings go through when expressing and experiencing love for the first time, the discovery of another soul, the curiosity, the longing and the heartbreaks.

I will be writing a series of poems that tells the world of love from pearls of wisdom that were collected throughout the years. Hope you enjoy it and connect to it in some way.”

Amira Hassan

A conversation in Nov 2019 started like this “With a never dying heart, I bet you can.”

From A Man who is still anonymous in this world with these words on his mind “Till the day she sees this.” He wrote a whole collection of poems and pieces of writing on Instagram. It comes to mind that when an artist or a writer loves someone this person lives forever in books and arts.

When I’ve asked who he truly was, he said ” Many of you have been asking who am I but well, I’ll probably unveil when she knows the existence of this account.”

My mind was completely baffled, mesmerized, and curious by this enigmatic personality.

He came like an old storm that welcomes the sailors after a long search.

It’s like the metaphor of the hymning song in your heart that you knew all your life but never came close to its lyrics, that feeling of a fresh apricot taste that lingers in your memory, wherever you are..that memory comes rushing back to you as if it happened yesterday.

The story enfolds like this:

I came across this phenomenal writer who was desperately seeking the reuniting with his lover, a woman he once loved and he had to leave her upon circumstances, while he was going through the pain of old wounds and dark emotions that kept them apart for a while, which he later regretted terribly and therefore he created this beautiful and otherworldly page where in every post he expresses the love he has for her in such a romantic longing way that made my heart melt in a time where I was facing a depressing phase of my life which lead me in creating a creative outlet that gave me the freedom of speech, the freedom to write poems that were letters to my soul whom the audience connected deeply with them. I don’t know when or how I started writing, I guess I was born holding a pen. 

If the sky should fall into the sea

And the stars fade all around me

For the times that we have known here

I will sing a hymn to love

Edith piaf

In the long discussion of love and the meaning of loving a soulmate, here you will see the world through his eyes (the anonymous writer) who started it all, where I will share some of his greatest writings from his unique page, where you can wander with me the works of a great mind, his authenticity, and his soulful words. I am honored to have met such an incredible person, who lives in memory, and with who I can reflect on his creative writings with you the audience.

If you who is reading this post now, interested in unfolding this mystery and beautiful story. Kindly make sure to read my next post.


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