HEALING – The Way Back To Yourself

In movies, books, etc. healing often is represented as this “magic” thing, which causes you some hardships which you once go through, and then everything is perfect again. Sure, sometimes it may be like that but more than often it’s not. It’s not linear as it often is portrayed, but more like a rocky road with a lot of turns and ups and downs. It also is not the same for everyone. People deal with things differently so they also heal differently. With that being said, respect the way people are on. You might lend a helping hand or loving heart but let them deal with things their way and with what they feel most comfortable with.

Healing actually isn’t
that glamorous
and glowing thing
makes it out to be
It’s hard
and it hurts
so much
It truly damn hurts
You are digging
down deep
to the place
where all your pain,
suffering, scars, hurt
and darkness hide
You will unleash it,
not causing ripples
but massive waves
which will take your breath sometimes
It will tear down
every wall
you so carefully built
around your scars,
flooding them,
not to hurt you anymore,
but to flush them out,
cleaning every inch
clear out every debris
which are still there
and make them able
to finally heal.
Yes it will hurt,
you will feel like
as if you are being ripped apart,
several times,
losing your breath so often
that you think you’ll choke,
being flooded with feelings,
lushing out everything inside you,
making you believe
that you will drown
But you won’t.
You will make it out
to the other side.
It is necessary
to make you whole again
you might not see it yet
but it’ll be
so worth it.

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